Welcome to the 10th W Certified Company Edition

Unlock the Power of Female Leadership To Drive Innovation.

Are you truly fostering an inclusive workplace?

Imagine been able to:

  • Grow your company with the power of female talent and consumers.

  • Attract, retain, and promote the best female talent.

  • Become a preferred employer for women.

We can help!

The W Certified Company™ assessment and W Survey™ are your roadmap to this transformative reality.

Why take advantage of

W Certified Company™ &

W Survey™?

Boost Your

Bottom Line

Gender-diverse leadership drives higher profitability. We help you harness this power.

Become a

Talent Magnet

Top female talent seeks inclusive workplaces. Our tools help you create a culture where they thrive.



Diverse perspectives fuel breakthrough ideas. We'll help unlock the innovative potential of your female workforce.


Your Brand

Stand out as a leader in gender equity and attract socially-conscious consumers, investors, and talent.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Build a resilient company with an inclusive culture. Navigate challenges with confidence.

  • Registration Deadline

    June 30th

  • Assessment Period

    August 14th - 25th

  • Celebrate Excellence*

    November 2nd

*General Manager attendance mandatory

Created by women for women

This is a unique tool that provides companies:



Go beyond insights; get actionable strategies tailored to female employees.



Our expert-designed approach ensures measurable results.



Connect & do business with companies committed to creating truly inclusive workplaces.


& Audited

Trust the process with results audited by RSM Puerto Rico.

Be showcased as

an inclusive leader

Certification signals your unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Exclusive added benefits

  • Leadership meetings to share best practices, network, and build new business relationships.

  • Access to one Women Who Lead session, featuring female leaders - CEOs/GMs.

  • Invitation to two Men Who Lead sessions.

  • Virtual conference for female executives.

  • One strategic call with the Women Who Lead team to discuss business plans or strategies related to women (clients or employees).

  • Certificate that can be included in RFPs.

And much more!

Are you ready to showcase your company as a beacon for female leadership?

Meet the visionaries

Damaris Sanchez - Frances Ríos

Puerto Rico's leading experts in female talent, Damaris Sánchez and Frances Ríos, have designed these transformative tools to empower your company's success.

Their combined expertise in HR leadership, women's advancement, and Fortune 500 experience guarantees results. Women Who Lead is the only firm in Puerto Rico with a global impact dedicated to promoting women to leadership roles.

Take the first step. Embrace this transformative opportunity for a more inclusive, empowering, and thriving workplace for all.

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